Competitive Intelligence Expert


(40 HOURS)

Competitive Intelligence Expert Training


Competitive Intelligence Expert is the Romanian only course accredited by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA), which recognizes the professional quality of a person to occupy the position of CI expert in a company.

The course consists of lectures and a package of individual and group exercises designed to introduce the participant to the CI domain, to develop his competences and basic skills in the profession of CI expert (identifying intelligence needs, collecting information from human sources, open sources etc., professional analysis and preparation of intelligence products, intelligence dissemination to beneficiaries, protecting the company from competitors’ attempts to collect intelligence about own organization) and to offer a perspective on his professional development as a key element in a modern organization/company, adapted to the 21st century.

Objectives – Graduates of the course will:

  • understand the potential of CI for the development, security and business continuity of an organization;
  • be able to identify and apply one working model of CI activity;
  • help identify the real intelligence needs of the organization in relation to the leader’s vision, business strategy, objectives and actions in the business environment;
  • be able to use a set of basic methods of collection, both from open and human sources;
  • be able to use a set of basic data and information processing methods and skills (evaluation, storage, analysis, synthesis, intelligence writing);
  • be able to distribute intelligence products in an adequate manner to internal beneficiaries (top/senior/middle management);
  • know the ethical and legal framework of CI.

Competitive Intelligence Agenda:

  • introduction in CI field;
  • functional models of the intelligence process (Intelligence Cycle, Target Centric Approach);
  • identifying the intelligence needs of the organization;
  • human sources exploitation;
  • open sources exploitation;
  • assessment and primary processing of data and information;
  • intelligence analysis (core set of methods);
  • preparation of intelligence products;
  • CI relation with the beneficiaries (management);
  • basic protection of the organization against intelligence offensives from business competitors (Competitive Counter-Intelligence);
  • ethical and legal aspects of CI;
  • establishing a CI function in the organization.

Audience: The course is a must as a first professional step for the individuals who intend to work in CI. The number of participants is between 8 and 16.

Duration: 40 hours (5 days)


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