Intelligence for HR Directors/HR Top Executives

Intelligence for HR Directors

Description: HR Intelligence is the new key concept of HR world. A modern HR Director has increased responsibilities in the company’s strategic decision making process, in improving operations by increasing the competitiveness of labor force, in the professional and personal development of employees, regarding personnel security issues or in the increasingly complex regulatory compliance etc. This is why we created this program: Intelligence for HR Directors.

This program aims at adapting the concepts, the methods and techniques specific to the Business Competitive Intelligence in order to be used by HR Directors in their modern role.


  • Knowledge and understanding of how the following concepts relate: Intelligence, Data, Information, Knowledge, Vulnerability, Threat, Risk.
  • Intelligence Process Knowledge (how Intelligence works).
  • Elicitation methods and P.E.A.C.E. type Interview in order to collect information from human sources.
  • Learning and application of SWOT-TOWS Method for analysis of links and relationship between two entities.


  1. Business Strategy Intelligence – Intelligence concept and its role in business decision.
  2. Intelligence Process and Intelligence Cycle functional model
  3. HR Intelligence and Defensive Intelligence in a company
  4. Elicitation Method
  5. P.E.A.C.E. Interview Method
  7. Other analytical methods (specific to Intelligence) useful in business (short preview)

Audience: Directors of Human Resources. The number of participants is 8-15.

Duration: 16 hours