IT Requirements Elicitation for IT experts

Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence

(12 hours)

IT Requirements Elicitation for IT experts


IT Requirements Elicitation course consists of lectures package and of individual and group exercises meant to introduce the participants in the process of making a system analyses and IT programming specifications, using specific Competitive Intelligence methods and techniques. Participants will acquire skills for building relationships with the software product requesters and obtaining from them, in an efficient an cooperative manner, information regarding the specific issue that has to be addressed by software.


  • Increasing professional skills of participants regarding:
  • knowing the preparation process of the system analyses and of the programming specifications;
  • knowing and applying a set of methods and techniques specific to Competitive Intelligence field, in order to efficiently obtain the information necessary to develop programming specifications.


  • theoretical elements regarding system analyses and understanding the operational needs of the future software products beneficiary;
  • Competitive Intelligence concepts operationalized in system analyses;
  • how to be perceived as a trustworthy individual;
  • information gathering through the Elicitation method;
  • information gathering through the P.E.A.C.E. type Interview method;
  • understanding the resolving method for the SAY-DO type problems (people know how to do a lot of things, but most of them can describe the knowledge they hold or are partially described).

Audience: IT experts who directly interact with the beneficiaries of the software products, persons involved in system analyses and programming specification development, programmers that wish to obtain interpersonal relationship skills. The number of participants is between 10 and 16.

Duration: 8 hours.


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