Elicitation – Methods and techniques of investigation

(16 hours)

EXPLOITING HUMAN RESOURCES – Methods and techniques of investigation – Elicitation Training


The course of elicitation consists of a set of lectures and individual and group exercises designed to introduce the participant in applying a basic set of elicitation techniques, as well as to acquire the information-gathering skills, through individual effort and with the help of course materials. Elicitation Course graduates will be able to use their skills in any interpersonal contact of a professional or private nature.

Elicitation is an information-gathering process from human sources by using a guided discussion in order to hide the collector’s intention to obtain information, and the fact that they were provided.

Objectives: Graduates of the course will be able to:

  • Identify the partner’s vulnerabilities in relation to each elicitation technique;
  • To apply at least six distinct elicitation techniques;
  • Be aware of the scope of the elicitation process in relation to other methods of collection;
  • Recognize the intended use of elicitation techniques against him or others.


  • The use of elicitation for collection purposes;
  • Human characteristics to be exploited through elicitation;
  • The elicitation process;
  • The relationship between the collector and his source;
  • Elicitation techniques;
  • Web-elicitation (application of the process with virtual contacts)
  • The identification of elicitation attempts and ways to respond (Counter elicitation)
  • Ethical aspects of the elicitation method.

Audience: Due to the vast applicability of the elicitation method, both professionally and personally, this course is addressed to anyone with a function involving contacts with people outside the company (management. Cl, human resources, sales, public relations, marketing, etc.) or want to develop personal skills in collecting information from the interlocutors (without their awareness). The number of participants is between 8 and 16.

Duration: 2 days