Competitive Intelligence Expert - Certified Training

The only Certified Training in Romania which recognizes the professional quality of a person to occupy the position of Competitive Intelligence Expert in a company


Methods and techniques of investigation – Elicitation

Elicitation is an information-gathering process from human sources by using a guided discussion in order to hide the collector’s intention to obtain information


Intelligence for HR Directors/Top Executives

HR Intelligence is about ensuring ambitious business goals can be met by measuring, planning and controlling human resource management activities


The Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence (IBCI)

Be Intelligent! Be Business!

We provide top professionals with solid and flexible business competitive intelligence and organisational behaviour training programs

Interactor provides a set of tools and solutions:

  • For PEOPLE to understand, analyze and describe behavior within organizations, identifying the best ways to understand themselves and the others
  • For MANAGERS to improve or change behaviors in the workplace so that employees, groups and the entire organization can achieve their goals.
  • For ORGANIZATIONS to accelerate performance and manage uncertainty by identifying capabilities, opportunities, vulnerabilities and threats and by using the benefits of Competitive Intelligence and Organizational Behavior.

We created the Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence  with ICSS and we  developed several programs for highly qualified professionals to master the core competencies of Competitive Intelligence profession and Organisational Behaviour and to employ them directly in their businesses. Our Institute offers practical – oriented educational programs that prepare attendees for the real and dynamic business environment – exercises and case study methodology.  IBCI Courses are available in English and Romanian.